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A new concept from eformity

The central document solution

Within your organization you will constantly be faced with new challenges. Improving your processes, more focus on your customers, adapt to technical developments, better integration and to do more with less money. How can you easily respond to these and other questions?

Our central platform for document creation saves you time and money, and enables you to easily respond to the developments within your organization. Besides that you can keep using your existing infrastructure, ensuring your IT investments to not be wasted.


Solutions for creating documents

eformity | oplossingen voor documenten


Create letters, memos, agreements or retirements letters easily and in accordance with the corporate identity of your organization.

eformity | oplossingen voor presentaties


With our solution the layout is taken care of, and you can fully focus on the content of your presentation.

eformity | oplossingen voor e-mail

E-mail signature

The e-mail signature of your organization fully under control and centrally administrated.

eformity | oplossingen voor formulieren


Reduce your paper flow by using (web)forms. Use less paper and spare the environment.

Everybody has their own wishes

Marketing and communication

eformity | marketing en communicatie
The corporate identity defines the recognizability of your organization. Our solution ensures a similar use of the corporate identity.
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eformity | Ontwikkelaar
As a developer you can easily use all available documents (via API). You can fully focus on developing your application(s).
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System management

eformity | systeembeheer
As an administrator you can easily manage documents, presentations and e-mails. Your document creation is completely under control again.
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eformity | gebruiker
Our solution supports users in a simple way with making documents, presentations and e-mails. This enables you to do more in less time.
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